What To Do When Difficulties Strike

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Life is God’s greatest gift to us. Are we living our lives fully joyously? Are we making the most of this valuable gift? When the going is good we live life well. But the moment we face problems we lose heart. When difficulties strike we blame others we blame circumstances we may even blame God ! How can we face adversities with courage and confidence and come out on top? What can we do when difficulties strike? In this thought-provoking book which has been compiled from Rev. Dada’s discourses he shares with us the formula that can make the impossible I’m possible – through what he calls the secret of triple faith: faith in self faith in the world around us and faith in the goodness of God.

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  • ISBN:978-93-80743-44-8
  • Author Name:J. P. Vaswani
  • Language:English
  • Publisher Name:Gita Publishing House
  • Binding:Paperback