Gurukul II - Inspiring And Moulding Young Minds

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This volume follows the classic ideal of education to combine delight with instruction. Children will draw inspiration from the carefully chosen stories; they will learn to absorb and apply good values in their own daily activities. They will be encouraged to participate in meaningful group activities enact scenes from the lives of great ones and play games that help them to experience these values practically. We have also added a new component of self-development incorporating physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul has its roots in the Mira Movement in Education founded by SadhuVaswani with its emphasis on character-building and spiritual moulding.

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  • ISBN:978-93-80743-22-6
  • Author Name:Classes by Sadhu Vaswani Mission
  • Language:English
  • Publisher Name:Gita Publishing House
  • Binding:Hard Bound