Pray forgive the delay in answering your question. They came to the Buddha with all sorts of questions. The Buddha did not answer them all. He said to them: your houses are burning: quench the flames, then ask questions. To you too I would pass on the words of the Buddha: first, quench the flames of desires, be desire-less then put the questions.
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A: According to the teaching of the Rishis of Ancient India, the goal of life is mukti, liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This happens when all desires die - for it is desires that bind us to the wheel. An easy way to achieve this is to rejoice in what ever the will of God brings us. The rule of life should be: Not my will but Thy will be done, O Lord.
A: God defined is God denied. No words can give you a complete picture of God.To describe God in words is to limit him. He is beyond all limits. To your 2nd question, is God in this world, the answer would be - God is this world.
A: ordinarily yes, but man is meant to be a master of his emotions.
A: Try to explain to yourself that he who is born must one day die. Such is the law of nature. And rightly so.If it were not so, the world today would be full of mothers.There would be no space left for others. Each person brings with himself/herself a specific number of breaths. One by one the breaths leave the body. When the last breath leaves the body, it drops down. This we call death. Your beloved mother is not dead. She is very much alive. If you give up physical attachment, you may be able to hear her speak to you. In any case, she is taking care of you, you can not see her for between you and her there is a curtain. Say to yourself again and again: "My mother is not dead: she is on the Other Side of the curtain. When my time comes,I shall go and meet her." In due course,you will come out of the state of depression in which you find yourself today.
A: I know very little of these things. I am passing on your request to the PRO of Sadhu Vaswani Mission who will soon get in touch with you and give you the required particulars.
A: Because they need to become better. Everything happens at the right time. A person may be wicked but perhaps in earlier lives he has earned good karma.
A: When you think of a person, you get in touch with that person. If you wish to come closer, you can come and meet him personally.
A: The best way to control diet is to reduce the intake each day little by little. Today's intake should be a little less than what you took yesterday. Each day if you will keep reducing the intake with about a teaspoonful, it will not be noticed by anyone.
A: Why love becomes painful is due to the ego. Love, in itself, is not painful. When ego enters, it brings with itself negative feelings such as pain, disappointment, frustration. Once you understand that love is not possession, that you have no right on the one you love, you will not feel pain. True love liberates, sets free. Let the Beloved do what he/she will, I will continue to love.
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