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Author:Anita Raina Thapan



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"H$Um VWm X`mbwVm go nyU- EH$ oaUmXm`r, hm{XH$ VWm CboIZr` JmWm- Omo `h {g H$aVr h {H$ dV_mZ Ho$ gKf go OOa hmo MwH$s Xw{Z`m _| ^r _mZdVm Or{dV ah gH$Vr h& dmgdmZr H$s OrdZr nT>Zo H$m AW h, o_ H$s Agr_ $nmVaUH$mar epV H$mo g_PZm& CZH$m OrdZ XeZ ~hV gab h: `{X Vw_ gZ hmoZm MmhVo hmo, Vmo Xygam| H$mo gZ H$amo& do ~b XoVo h {H$ g_` H$s _mJ `hr h, {H$ g~H$mo g_PZo dmbo _pVH$ H$s Anojm g~H$mo g_PZo dmbo X` H$s Amd`H$Vm A{YH$ h&"
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