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Author:J.P. Vaswani



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The great poet saint Thygaraja sang, “There are so many mahatmas, great souls. To all of them, my salutations!” It is in this noble tradition of salutation to the great ones that Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani writes about the heroic souls of East and West. Rev. Dada gives us brief and beautiful pen pictures of twenty saints from many faiths, races and ages. Bahubali and Loyola, Guru Har Rai and Guru Har Gobind, Thiruvalluvar and Madhvachary, Aandaal and Nagarjuna, Chishti and Chokha Mela, had this in common: they left this word a better place for us to live in; they made better human beings of us. They were, indeed, as Rev. Dada calls them, Comrades of God. Make them your comrades too, on the journey of life!
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