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Author:J.P. Vaswani



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In a simple yet thrilling manner the author, in “A Saint of Modern India,” narrates the moving life-story of Sadhu Vaswani, a saint and a sage, a seer and a scholar, an educationist and a humanitarian, an apostle of India’s Culture. “A Saint of Modern India” is like a lighthouse leading from darkness into light the errant and the prodigal, the stray and the tempest-tost. It is even as a haven unto the weary and the heavy- laden. It is even as a river singing its melody while running, and offering its fresh waters to the thirsty to slake their unquenchable thirst. This book will serve as a source of inspiration to lovers of God, seekers after Truth, and aspirants for the Higher Life. It is replete with passages of beauty and helpful hints to all who walk the way to God.
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