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  Q: Thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. Why is it that sometimes we have the answers to lifes big questions, but living its truth is challenging?

Dear Githa

Answer: Knowing is one thing. Living in accordance with what one knows is another thing. Knowing belongs to the brain. Living is chiefly controlled by emotions. We have developed brainpower but have done nothing to train the emotions. To give you an example. A person offers a bribe to an officer. The officer's brain warns him that it is wrong to accept a bribe. If he accepts the bribe, he may have to go to jail. But the emotion of greed has the better of him and he quietly accepts the bribe under the table. The brain is only a servant. The emotions are the master. We take great pains to train the servant but we do nothing to train the master. Today, brainpower has been developed. Science is marching on. Technological progress has been made. But the problems that are before us today will not be solved by the developed brain alone. Illumined hearts, awakened hearts are needed.

Best Regards,
The Automated System

Q: What should be our goal of life? And what steps should we take to achieve that goal?

Dear Prachi According to the teaching of the Rishis of Ancient India, the goal of life is mukti, liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This happens when all desires die - for it is desires that bind us to the wheel. An easy way to achieve this is to rejoice in what ever the will of God brings us. The rule of life should be:” Not my will but Thy will be done, O Lord!”

Best Regards

Q: what is god?Is god in this world?
A: Dear Govind Answer: God defined is God denied. No words can give you a complete picture of God.To describe God in words is to limit Him. He is beyond all limits. To your 2nd question, is God in this world, the answer would be-- God is this world. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: how we can gain god or feel god?
A: Dear Shyam Answer: The Guru is the bridge that leadeth to God. When your obedience to the Guru is complete, the ego will vanish and you will easily feel God. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: My Question is basically some confusion is "ki jab kehte hain ki kaun kiska sambandhi like mata,pita,bhai,putr aadi aadi ye sab to kuchh samay ke liye mile hain hamari yatra to akele ki hai ..kyun unke liye itne paap karne jo pichle aur agle janm me shayd kisi nate me bhi na ho prantu fir ye kaise keh dete hain ki saat pidiyaan,shradh aadi,pitro ka tadpan aadi aadi wo kaise nishchit hota hai jab sabka sambandh ek janm ka hi hai to ?
A: Dear Puja Answer: Yes, you are right. Everyone is responsible for his actions. However, every rule has its exceptions. Best Regards

Q: Dear Dada I know whatever god i must accept it and live happy but i am worried about my daughter's future a know god will do better for her but i want security for my child in this world. I know God secure her and protect her but i don't know why i still have fear in my heart. so please help me what i do. I want to meet you Dada. Please help me. Reeta
A: Dear Rita Answer: What you are doing is just the right thing. Surrender your daughter to the Lord. She is not your daughter. She belongs to God. God has sent her to you so that you may take care of her & bring her up in the right way. Everyday, as you pray, say to God: "I shall take the very best care of her but she is not mine. She is Thine, O Lord! She has been with me for a few years. Before you sent her to me, you took care of her for thousands & thousands of years. I shall no longer worry for her future. You, Almighty, are taking care of her. Best Regards

Q: Dadaji, I'm grateful to all fo giving me this opportunity. How to improve my concentration and completely involve myself in the work I want do?
A: Dear Shreekanta Murthy, I have just seen your question. The easiest way to develop concentration is to love the object on which you wish to concentrate. If we love some object, we will always be thinking of that object without any effort on our part. However there are some exercises for developing concentration. One of them is known as tratak. Keep a burning candle at eye level and from some distance (say 3 feet to 6 feet) keep on looking at the flame with unblinking eyes. Tears will flow from your eyes but you must keep on looking at the flame. This will help you to develop concentration. Best Regards

Q: Is man ruled by emotions?
A: Answer: Dear Revathy Iyer Ordinarly yes. But man is meant to be a master of his emotions . Best Regards

Q: Dear Dada, it would be better if the 'moment of calm' was about asking for forgiveness than giving forgiveness. It only makes one feel more egoistic that he has forgiven. Would it not be better for one to ask for forgiveness from all those we may have wronged - knowingly or unknowingly. This will make us humble. Please forgive me if i have said anything wrong. Thanking you. Mukhay Maaf Kar Mukhay saaf Kar Mukhay Nao banaye Mukhay nirmal banaye..
A: Dear Dwarka Answer: My very dear friend, what you write is perfectly true. This movement of `Moment of Calm' was not started by me. It was started by a few members of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. I learnt of it later. I think it is natural that before a person can give forgiveness, he must receive it. Therefore he has to ask for forgiveness before he can give it. A person can not give what he does not have. I will request my friends kindly to include the asking part also in the concept of `Moment of Calm'. Thank you for drawing my attention to a very important aspect. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: Dear Dada, Thank you for the oppurtunity to clarify doubts .Do we stand for the right or if something not right done do we bear it thinking that it is our karma and it is the gift from god. If that is so lot of wrong things in this world wouldn't have never been changed like slavery, sati sahagaman, women suppression. How do we relate this to our daily life.
A: Dear Lakshmi Answer: We should stand up bravely for what is right.It has been rightly said that God wants our hands and feet, our eyes and ears. God wants them to establish what is right.If we did not stand up for the right,the rule would be, `might is right'. Sri Rama brought his army and fought a war with Ravana-- only to establish what is right. We have to be soldiers of the Spirit, soldiers of God. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: My respects DADAJI, I am from Chennai.I read your "Invite A moment of Calm" in TOI speaking tree. It takes lot of time from hate stage to healing stage. What I should do to make it happen quickly?
A: Dear Somamani Ans.: Without delay make a beginning immediately. Pray each day that your heart may be filled with loveand that thee may be no nook or corner in it for anything other than love. Seek the fellowship of men and women who forgive even before forgivenessis asked. Everyday do atleast one act of service without expecting anything in return, not even a word of thanks. Regards

Q: Dadaji , I am suffering from depression and anxiety after the death of my mother in the last year. Please guide me the correct path
A: Dear Nityanand Ans.Try to explain to yourself that he who is born must one day die. Such is the law of nature. And rightly so.If it were not so, the world today would be full of mothers.There would be no space left for others. Each person brings with himself/herself a specific number of breaths. One by one the breaths leave the body. When the last breath leaves the body, it drops down. This we call death. Your beloved mother is not dead. She is very much alive. If you give up physical attachment, you may be able to hear her speak to you. In any case, she is taking care of you, you can not see her for between you and her there is a curtain. Say to yourself again and again: "My mother is not dead: she is on the Other Side of the curtain. When my time comes,I shall go and meet her." In due course,you will come out of the state of depression in which you find yourself today.

Q: Pyare Dada,Tell me, How to behave to my collegue who behave bad towadrs to me?
A: Dear Subash Answer: There is a saying in Hindi to the effect: Vy AnZs Vmoa {Z^mE, CgH$s dmo OmZo & Let the other person do what he will, I must not fail in my duty. This is the way to perfection.

Q: Dear Dada, Kindly, tell me How to control on my diet and divert my mind towadrs GOD ?
A: Dear Subhash Answer: The best way to control diet is to reduce the intake each day little by little. Today’s intake should be a little less than what you took yesterday. Each day if you will keep reducing the intake with about a teaspoonful, it will not be noticed by anyone.

Q: i have almost read all your books and i believe it from my heart but i don't know how to practice in specially in our modern life?
A: Dear Friend, Your question (sent by email) has been read out to me just now. You are kind to me --kinder than I deserve. I feel grateful. For self improvement, one should concentrate on one quality and try each day to make it a part of his life. It is life that is needed not words. I recall the words of Swami Vivekananda. He said : The person who makes five ideals a part of his life is more educated than the one who has read a whole library of books . May you be so blessed as to take up, one after another, the ideals to which you would like to bear witness in deeds of daily living. May you be ever-abundantly blessed by the Lord, Beloved Brother. Best Regards,

Q: In these times,we do not have a good spiritual guru(living person).Mentally I have accepted Nityananda swami of Ganeshpuri as my guru.Can we believe in more then one guru ?Is it Ok?. Secondly,there are so many mantras.Should we recite more than one mantra or only one particular mantra for spiritual and worldly benefit? Can you cite one particular mantra for all life purposes ? How can modern man do bhakti like Narshi mehta and Tukaram.They chanted only one mantra and hardly cared for domestic life.How can we follow them? Regards to you.
A: Dear Prakash We can have only one Guru but we must have respect for every Guru. You can recite as many mantras as you like but it helps concentration if you choose one mantra and keep repeating it over and over again. Every body cannot be a Narshi Mehta or a Sant Tukaram. But every body can be a devotee or disciple of Narshi Mehta and Sant Tukaram.

Q: how can i be in touch with u? i am interestet in your books
A: Dear Halleh Ans.: When you think of a person, you get in touch with that person. If you wish to come closer, you can come and meet him personally. Kindly let me know the books you want and they will be sent to you. > Best Regards, > The Automated System

Q: Pyare Dadaji, Very Very politely/humble/heartly, I put this Q. Can I meet Dadaji personnely only for few minutes? This is my heartly request.
A: Dear Subhash Ans.: You can meet Dadaji but not now because he is receiving treatment in a hospital at Coimbatore. He is scheduled to return to Pune on October 2. After which you may kindly enquire the date when you can meet him. Dadaji sends you his humble, loving regards. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: Forgiveness is considered to bring happiness What if some one forgiven keeps on repeating his mistakes How to deal with it
A: Dear Mr. Singh The question was asked of Jesus: "How many times shall we forgive? Shall we forgive 7 times?" Jesus answered: "You must forgive seventy times seven!" That is that you must forgive four hundred and ninty times. In other words, you must forgive without counting. 'Tis for us to forgive. The law of karma is there to do its work.

Q: i am muslim and know that u r a unbiased person and therefore placing my problem to u actually i m stuck in stagnation having gone thorough many teachings but i do not know what to do for real realization of ALLAH even having known much of religious teachings.Tell me some short trick(though i know there is no short trick )using your enlightment in my case. i m in search for last 20 years. give me a simple, non ambigious answer and relieve me of spiritual depression which is eating me. i m from your home town hyderabad sindh
A: Ans.: The simplest and the easiest way to Allah, to my mind, is the way of remembering Him constantly, to abide in His Will and to do as much good as we can to as many as we can. Our greatest disease is the disease of forgetfulness. We need to remember Allah with every incoming and outgoing breath. An easy way to do this is to pick up say a sura from the Holy Quran and keep on repeating it after every hour. This will keep us in a state of recollection. Secondly, whatever happens to me, happens in accordance with the Will of Allah. I must learn to rejoice in whatever the Will of Allah brings to me. Let the motto of my life be: In pleasure, pain, In loss and gain, In sun and rain, Let Thy Will always be done! This will help us in getting rid of the ego which separates us from Allah and is the cause of so much of our suffering. Thirdly, let us give the pure love of our hearts to as many as we can. This will purify us and, one blessed day, under the grace of Allah, bring us close to Him. Let us, in the words of a great Indian Saint, be humble as ashes and dust, be forbearing as a tree and let us honour others without seeking any honours for ourselves. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: Sir, I am unable to get answer of one question since childhood, Why god created this whole world? If ultimate aim of life is to get absorbed in god then why he created us?
A: Dear Jashn Ans.: The right answer to your question can be given only by God Himself. Therefore you should put forth all your efforts and realize God. Once you get to Him, this should be your very first question. Similar questions were put to Gautama Buddha. In answer to them, the Buddha said: "Your house is burning: your first duty is to quench the flames!" How true it is that we all are burning in the flames of desire. Our first duty is to quench the flames.When the flames of desire are quenched,the Truth will be revealed to us.

A: 1)IS GOD PRESENT ON THE EARTH? God is omnipresent. He is everywhere. There is not a nook nor a corner where He is not. 2)IF GOD IS PRESENT THAN WHY WE CAN NOT SEE? God can not be seen with physical eyes. To be able to see Him, we need to open the "third eye". 3)IF GOD IS PRESENT ON THE EARTH THAN WHY THE GOD IS NOT LISTEN THE PROBLEM OF POOR PEOPLE? Problems come to teach us lessons we need to learn. Life is a school and experience is our teacher. Both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, to teach us lessons and to unfold the tremendous powers that lie locked up within us. 4)HOW CAN I SEE GOD? You can see God when you have been cleansed within. Therefore it has been rightly said: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. 5)HOW CAN I WATCH YOUR EACH LESSON ONLINE RATHER T.V.? You can see them on the website ( Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: how can i watch your each lesson online?
A: Dear Govind Answer: I know very little of these things. I am passing on your request to the PRO of Sadhu Vaswani Mission who will soon get in touch with you and give you the required particulars.

Q: Why do good person suffers in life? Why it takes so long for a wicked person to be punished?
A: Dear Mr. Malhotra Ans. Because they need to become better. Que. Why it takes so long for a wicked person to be punished? Ans. Everything happens at the right time. A person may be wicked but perhaps in earlier lives he has earned good karma.

Q: dear Dada you are my best guide , i dont know to appreciate you ,your words have changed my life . i introduced your books to my friends . they have read your books . they thank god because we met you by your books. god bless you and keep you for us .
A: Ans.: Thank you, my friend. But let me tell you that the books you read come to me like you, I, too, read them and wonder. The credit should go to the Higher Power. Best Regards,

Q: i am really happy to talk to you . i have read your book (why do good people suffer ?) that book has changed my life and even 2 friends of mine . i believe whatever you brought in that book. the problem is when i want to practice them all people even the person who i love think i am craz, that can not stop me what i beilive . but sometimes i think i cant go on however i am sure i dont give up on that. i need this calmness , i d like to feel god near me as someone who always loves me with no conditions and take care of me . i want him from bottom my heart. if i have him i will be the richest and the most wealthiest person help me please , i really need your help
A: Ans. : If you wish to move on the path of self-improvement or perfection, you must only think of pleasing God, not the people. If the people around you do not understand you, learn to say to yourself, "They say: what do they say. Let them say!"

Q: i am sure heart never leads us wrong . how could i understand i am lead by my heart or mind? how accurate is mind? most of the time heart and mind do not move parallel, the fear comes from mind and kindness with sacrificing for god happiness comes from heart , how could we listen to our heart while we are living in the material world ? its so challenging and hard
A: Ans.: You must spend some time in silence everyday-- atleast half an hour. Preferably at the same time and at the same place, come and sit in silence. You will keep on sinking deeper and deeper within yourself: you will rise above body-consciousness. You will receive inner guidance. That will be the voice of the heart. Best Regards,

Q: dada,salam.i m from your home town hyderabad,sindh again.previousely u advised me to remember as much as ALLAH as possible for my anxiety problem.i recently gone through the teaching of RAMANA MAHRISHI,which emphasises upon need to be SILENT if we chant mantra whether of name of ALLAH or OM it ends silence. what is reality and relation of remembrance and silence.
A: Ans.: Salams to you, beloved brother. There is no conflict between the two teachings. We need to become silent inwardly. One way to do so is to keep on chanting the mantra with deep longing of the heart. As we do so, a stage comes when the mantra drops down and there is complete silence.

Q: Hello Dada. My sister has had a troubled marriage and since 2years or her marriage she has been unwell and unstable. We just asked someone in our relation who has knowledge on reading people and got to know that 2 people from her in laws have done black magic to the extent that it could risk my sisters life. She is getting dreams of a girl walking around her with a knife. We have also been told that there is a bad soul that is behind her to destroy her. We do not believe in black magic and above things, however these things force us to believe. Can you please suggest what can we do to help her out.
A: Ans.: Black magic exists even as white magic. If you can find an expert in black magic, he can help you in this predicament. Until then, you and your sister can repeat the Holy Name of God: "Satnam : Mushkul Aasaan". The Name of God has the power to heal.

Q: Respected Sir, I came to know the book STOP COMPLAINING START THANKING. I want to have it. I was told it is nice. Please let me know how to get it. How much amount I have to remit and if so , the address. Thanks.
A: We have received your query about above book. Kindly let us know your full name and address, we will gladly mail out 1 copy to your address. Regards

Q: i am karthikeyanmuthu donig mba,sir after heard your speech i am became your fan sir .i have one doubt sir i believe god at that same time my mind arising question myself often why we want to pray god What is your opinion about it . I hope that you will clarify my doubt sir .
A: Ans.: As we move on the pathways of life, we get certain experiences which make us feel that we are in need of a power above and beyond ourselves to be able to solve certain problems. The power above and beyond ourselves we call God. We pray to God when we feel the necessity to do so. Best Regards,

Q: Dear Dadaji Dadaji, My warm regards to you. Dadaji, I want to join your trust for Seva purpose for full time Can we meet when you will be available in Pune/ Bombay.. ( I will come to Pune at your convenient time.) Please let me know. Thanks and regards.
A: Dear Jayesh, It is kind of you to have offered your full time services to the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. I would request you to meet and discuss the matter with our working chairperson, Ms. Krishna Kumari, on your next visit to Poona. I may mention that we also have a center at Bombay (102- Sharan Apts., 27thRoad, Near Punjab National Bank, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400 060) where satsang is held every evening 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Q: Respected Dadaji, how does one find and recognise their spiritual teacher? There are so many, but how will I know who's my Guru? Does a Guru choose the disciple, or is it the other way round?
A: Dear Reema, The spiritual teacher comes and finds his disciples. It becomes difficult for the disciple to find his real Guru. If he sets out in quest, very likely he will be disillusioned and may, in due course, feel cheated.

Q: Why love becomes painful ??
A: Ans.: Why love becomes painful is due to the ego. Love, in itself, is not painful. When ego enters, it brings with itself negative feelings such as pain, disappointment, frustration. Once you understand that love is not possession, that you have no right on the one you love, you will not feel pain. True love liberates, sets free. Let the Beloved do what he/she will, I will continue to love. Best Regards,

Q: Wanna come to you, please call me atleast once...missing your presence and love..please you know everything, please guide me
A: Ans.: Dada Vaswani is on his yatra to Eastern and far-Eastern countries and will be away for some weeks. In the meantime you send us your details. We shall place them before him on his return.

Q: when we promise god that we will not repeat the same mistake again, and yet keep on doing it unknowingly, what should we do? how should we control our mind?
A: Ans.: If you promise not to repeat the same mistake over again and for some reason or the other break the promise you must fix some penalty, which you spent in service of some good cause. The penalty should be high enough to hurt you. The question was asked by Arjuna and the answer given by Sri Krishna was : “ Difficult it is to control the mind but not impossible”. You can control the mind by doing abhyasa and vairagya. Abhyasa is doing the same thing over and over again (such as repeating the holy name of God). Vairagya is developing the spirit of detachment from worldly things and forms. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: Dear Dada Yesterday,7th april 2013 i was present in your satsang in sindhi of "Ruh Ruhaan" in Shanghai.Infact wanted to ask you a question but could not gather enough courage in the presence of the whole sangat.But today the same question is making me restless hence now i feel free to ask the same. "Why is it that always almost everytime people cheat me be it business or personal life,my self am always very open with friends and acquaintances but they take complete advantage of my situation. Dada, i lived in Hongkong for 4 years and with my hardwork earned some money and bought a house in India in Hyderabad (A.P)and got it registered in mothers name since i was staying abroad but one fine day when tried to visit my home to see my mother ,my brothers hit me and my wife mercilesly and pushed us out of the house,now i'm staying in China with my wife and two children ( had introduced them to you after satsang in shanghai on 7th april. girl..anmol and boy : gaurav both studying in chinese school.)But going thru very tough times. The question again pop up in mind is why such bad traetment to me where, i'm not at any fault.? Dada pls take your time to answer this question to me i'll be waiting anxiously for your reply.Kindly do not add this question in the FAQ'S as its personal. lovingly yours Suresh Kalra.
A: The answer of this question has been emailed to Mr. Kalra directly as the question was a personal question. Thanks,

Q: I met dada in ny and new jersey for his blessing.He didn't even look at me when i went up for prashad. Is it true that certain masters are not my master? that i need to find the teacher just for me? I don't think he wanted to take me on. i've been to many masters and i was disapointed that he didn't even look at me . I need help. a smile would have made me feel i am loved by a god man who represents UNCONDITIONAL love
A: Dear Lorraine, Pray forgive me if I did not smile at you when you met me on an earlier occasion. I am given to the habit of smiling at everyone who meets me.If it be God's Will and I meet you again, I will smile at you twice. God Willing,I shall be in New York towards the end of August and beginning of September when it is proposed to have a 3 or 4-day spiritual camp. I bow down to yo and seek your blessings. And may the Lord shower His benections on you, ever-increasingly!

Q: Dear dadaji, Spiritual leaders say that happiness lies within journey and not in reaching destination but I find it difficult to implement it as my mind when I am alone in home pushes me to implement my desire.To say the truth is that I am searching for a reliable job which I am not getting at this moment so whenever I do other tasks at home my mind is going to this one point"when will I achieve my goals that I have set for myself and I get frustrated with myself though listening to the various spiritual talks in T.V I do understand that I should remain calm but finds myself in vain in doing so .Please suggest a path of how to train my mind to sit quietly all the time with no desires to pop up.
A: Ans.: As you sit in silence, try to explain to yourself that God wills for you is always better than what you will for yourself. God knows your past, He is aware of your present and your future and so will always do that which is good for you. Once your mind learns this supreme lesson, it will not falter. It will then sing the one song: Thou knowest everything, Beloved, Thy Will always be done: In joy and sorrow, my Beloved, Thy Will always be done

Q: dada, how to keep our mind stable and try to concentrate? how to bring gods presence and listen to our heart, where in today's world,money ,selfishnes and competition binds us to the world of maya?
A: Ans.: To keep your mind stable and try to concentrate and how to bring God's presence, the following 3 will be found useful: 1) Practice of daily silence: preferably at the same time and the same place, sit in silence, to begin with for about half an hour. You can pray or meditate or engage yourself in a loving conversation with God or do your spiritual thinking. 2) Rejoice in every experience that God sends to you. He is All Love and All Wisdom. He is too loving to punish, too wise to make a mistake. 3) Do as much good as you can, to as many as you can, in as many ways as you can. Best Regards

Q: Dear Dada,how to controlled our emotions (specially bad)
A: Answer: Our emotions are part of our karma which we bring with ourselves. We can not fight our karma alone. We need the help of a power above and beyond our own. Therefore to control our emotions we need to pray again and again-- as often as possible. Best Regards

Q: Dada where are you?? Missing you at every instance of life?? Please come down , not at all feeling good, feeling too much lonely in midst of all the things...please guide and call me once...wanna meet you..
A: Answer: Though we can not meet physically as often as we would like to, we can be close to each other in thought and prayer and loving remembrance. When it is God's Will, we shall meet each other and, as the poet says, lose all sense of separateness in a single wink of the eye. Best Regards

Q: Where i can found ur book in hindi why good people suffer in life in east delhi
A: Ans: There is no Hindi translation of this book ‘Why Do Good People Suffer' Regards

Q: Dear Sir i want to speak english very fluently what should i do? Praveen Singh Form UP India.
A: Ans.: Start speaking English right now without fear of making mistakes. Find out a teacher who can teach you to speak faultless English. And everyday, atleast for 15 minutes, sit in a silence corner and repeat the words: "Thank you, God, for teaching me how to speak English fluently without a mistake." Repeat this as many times as you can in 15 minutes. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: Beloved Dada, You have always shown me the path every morning when I read your inspirational thoughts via sms. But there is a great conflict in my mind for last few days. Someone has bitterly insulted my parents and then stopped talking to them and me. If I now go ahead and talk to them, will I be letting down my parents. Though I know my parents wont mind it, but my conscience keeps asking me this question if I can forgo my parents insult and bridge the gap. I tried talking to them a few days ago with a polite smile, but they continue to avoid my parents. Should I continue the process of bridging the gap or just keep silent and forgive them in silence.
A: Ans.: You can do both. But it will be better that you go and talk to them as though nothing has happened. In most cases, what happens to us is our own returning to us. May be, in the past, near or remote, your parents had done to them what they have to your parents now. Best Regards,

Q: How to forgive someone who has done few mistakes in past & has now accepted those mistakes ?
A: Ans.: The teaching given us is: forgive before forgiveness is asked. In the heart within you forgive him/her even before he or she asks to be forgiven. Forgive and forget. Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: Namesty Dada, I got Naam since 8 Year but still not got path ! when i jaap the Naam my mind convert to others side. concentrate not got. please give me advice what shoul i do so i concentrate on Naam.
A: Ans.: Continue to do abhyaas. It will help to sing a devotional song (say a song of St. Mira or of St. Kabir or of any other saint) before doing abhyaas. And may God bless you.

Q: I have remain blessed since 2002.I,54,quit Bank as AGM in 2006 and am presently pursuing my self venture.My NRI brother,2 years younger to me, has offered to invest 1 million in my venture. Our father is no more and we are close to one another.I was in need of funds and he has offered help.I am in a fix. With folded hands and deep humble bow,I pray for the right path.
A: Ans.: You will know better. I know very little about money matters. I would advice you to sit in silence and pray to God to indicate to you the right path. After prayer, sit in silence for some time. You will get an answer and you can act accordingly.

Q: I am honored by Thy 'kripa' ever since 2002. I am separated from my wife,since 1994, just 6 months into the marriage.Our 18+ daughter,is studying and is with her mother since birth. I,54,retd Bank AGM,remain gripped with deep sense of loneliness and nurse intense desires for the warmth of the opposite sex.The 'abhav' ka 'bhav'keeps pestering me. With folded hands and humble bow,I pray for "ashirwada".
A: Dear and Esteemed Friend, I pray for you. May your deepest aspiration be fulfilled by the Lord! May the vacuum that you feel take you to the Lord and you experience fulfillment and freedom. If you so desire, when you sit in silence or when you meditate, send out rays of white light to your wife and to your child and pray for their welfare.

Q: Dada can a guru guide his sishya even without guru being physically alive? How can the sishya be sure that the voice he hears is that of his guru?
A: The Guru never dies. It is only his body that drops down in the experience we call death. He continues to guide his disciples . Through abhyasa -- practice of silence--the disciple becomes intuitive and is able to know the difference between the Gurus voice and that of his own mind. Regards

Q: Respected Dada ji, my question is kya Guru humari sansarik sukho ki poorati ka sadhan hai and what if I expect from my Gurudev fullfillness of all my needs like happy life , status , well being of my family members apart of Moksha, and what if I don't chant the guru mantra , can I take it for granted that still my gurudev will provide Moksha to me.
A: Ans.: Dear Ajay Chhabra, the essential work of the Guru is to lift up the consciousness of the disciple and link it with God. He is not concerned with sansaarik sukhon ki poorti. But he so trains the disciple that he rejoices in every incident and accident that comes to him, knowing that there is a meaning of mercy in all that happens.

Q: Dada, Pranam, Dada , How does one fogive people who have hurted you, spoken lies to you & abt u & how to forget the past
A: Ans.: According to the law of karma, many experiences which I am getting today are my own coming back to me. There are things I have done in the past, near or remote, which have to be balanced out. I may have hurt somebody in the past: I have created an action. It has to be balanced out by a reaction. And for this to happen I must be hurt by somebody. Therefore, much of what is happening to me today, as I said, is my own coming back to me. If only I understand this I shall not feel hurt but will feel happy that my accounts are being settled. And the sooner it happens, the better for me otherwise I may have to pay back with interest. Best Regards,

Q: Como se enfrentan los miedos? Formulas para la ansiedad. Gracias
A: Ans: Keep on repeating to yourself a hundred or more times everyday: “When God is near, why must I fear?”

Q: Dada,how should one maintain enthusiasm and joy in daily life and how should we make our life extraordinarily joyful and happy and not let ourselves get affected by situations?
A: Ans.: Life becomes joyful when the mind is at peace. To keep the mind at peace we must move forward to accept whatever the Will of God brings to us. They asked a holy man: “How is it that in spite of difficulties and stormy situations you have to face, you are so cheerful and happy?” He answered: “I accept whatever the Will of God brings to me.” On his lips were the words: “Yes Father, and always yes!” Best Regards,

Q: I am facing major roadblocks in a sacred mission. While I have left no leaf unturned in order to move ahead,there is no positive outcome.What are the other indirect ways through which I can contribute to the mammmoth task of clearing the 'obstacles'in my way ?
A: Ans.: The Lord says in the Bhagavad Gita, speaking to his dear, devoted disciple: "Arjuna, to work you have the right, but not to the fruits thereof!" It is for us to work, to toil, to labour as best we may, and leave the result in the Hands of the Lord. Best Regards,

Q: I bow down in reverence,at the lotus feet of Sadguruji.On the eve of Thy 'Avirvaha'day,THOU MESSAGE is eagerly looked forward to,by me. For the past 23 years,I,54,have been struggling with life, fighting with adversities on all fronts.The moto of Living in God's Will,has kept the struggle on and on.There are no grudges ;the plus side have also been there. However,it is now felt that the ability to struggle is slowing down.I have not given up ; the never say die attitude still drives me to go on. A question has now arisen -- for how long?
A: Ans.: There are two ways of handling a situation: (1) Fighting and struggling; (2) Accepting and remaining at peace. For years you have followed the first way. May I request you kindly to try and follow the second way and watch the result. Best Regards,

Q: My Guru left for India on Sunday and I really miss Him. We all do. I know I must sound so selfish and greedy but I feel as if I did not get enough of Him and I also feel that He doesn't really like me much, although on a higher level I know He must do because I am His. He left for India so suddenly and my meditation is really nothing to be satisfied with and I feel so miserable without seeing Him. So miserable. I want to be happy so desperately but feel miserable, just find it a mission to smile because I am unable to see Him or hear Him at least until His next visit in January. Please help. I can't exactly talk to my Beautiful Guru about this. I know I sound so terribly immature.
A: Sit in silence and try to explain to your self that the Guru’s physical body is not the Guru. The real Guru does not - cannot - go away from you. To train the disciple in the right way , the physical Guru deliberately goes away for sometime. He knows that both sunshine and shade are needed for ripening the fruit. Therefore for sometime the Guru gives us the benefit of his physical sang (fellowship). For our true spiritual growth he withdraws his presence for sometime. The true disciple always accepts the will of the Guru. The call of his heart is : “ Not my will, Gurudeva, but Thy will be done!”. In everything that he does the Guru only thinks of the spiritual growth of the disciple

Q: " Prabhuji,tum chandan ham pani " Shri Guruji, what is the message / essence of this famous verse?
A: Answer: The message of this beautiful, touching, soul elevating song is : "Lord, I am nothing : Thou art the all. Water in itself is of no value but when it is mixed with Chandan every drop of water becomes fragrant and is used as Tilak to be applied on the forehead and the Lotus feet of the Lord.

Q: Reverred Gurudev,I bow to Thy Lotus Feet. I pray to Thou for offering practical suggestions which could effectively tame the ego = aham and convert me into a better,cleaner and humble man.I am 51 and self employed.
A: As a first step to break the force of the ego, speak less about your experiences , attainments and achievements to others. It is better to listen and to learn than to express and exhibit.

Q: Dadaji, how do I meditate on god and how can I find a guru whose presence I will be able to feel all the time?
A: There are a variety of ways in which you can meditate on God. One very simple and easy way is to concentrate on the Ajna Chakra ( the space between and a little inside the two eye brows) or the Hirday Chakra ( the spiritual heart situated at the center in line with the physical heart ) and repeat the Name of God which draws you. Pray, again and again, to be brought in contact with such an one.

Q: Sri Guruji, Aapke charan kamlon mein shat shat naman ! It is well acclaimed that Solidarity is Bliss.It offers apt ground for gearing up the preparations for coming closer to'Lord.' For the past several years, I have remained in solitary state, not by choice but by destiny.The marriage did not work and we parted ways long back.We are strangers ever since.The relationship with Lord has heightened the emotional energies.This has transformed me into a rational and soft being.Incidentally, there is a side effect to this change.Be it as it may,this emotional charge has further alienated me from the people.The disconnect with the surroundings ought to be set right and the need for a suitable channelization is being felt. Gurudev,I pray for THOU Graceful Guidance.
A: Ans: It has been said that spiritual growth has 10 parts. Nine of them are had in silence and the tenth in solitude - flight from man.

Q: Respected Dada ji, how can I become a favourite shishya of my GURUDEV JI
A: Reply: By obeying the Guru implicitly.

A: Dear Sharvani, It is difficult to select 10 books and ask you to read them. However you will find the following 10 titles very useful: Burn Anger Before Anger Burns You Why Do Good People Suffer? Life after Death 100 Stories You Will Never Forget Be In the Driver’s Seat Say No to Negatives Shake Hands with Life Questions Answered What Would You Like to Know About Karma Stop Complaining Start Thanking Regards

A: Ans.: Dear Jagdish, Each one of us has lived many lives before we entered the present one. In everyone of those lives, we have gathered karma, a fraction of which has created the fear through which we are passing today. One Simple way to combat fear is to repeat the affirmation again and again: “When God is near, why must I fear?” Keep on repeating the affirmation as often as you can and grow in the feeling that you are not alone, God is with you all the time. Regards

Q: Namaste dadaji I am always made a target to get tortured from my husband I am kindergarden teacher he always treats me badly beats,gives me bad words severe punishment, in all matter he blames me and tell me to quit teaching at home , i did not start my playschool this academic year just to check tat al goes well but alas its same how can i calm help Sometimes i ignore n sumtimes i give him back answer
A: Ans.: What is happening to you today is, perhaps, your own coming back to you. Maybe, in the past, near or remote, you have treated some in the way in which you are being treated now. You should feel happy that your accounts are settled. What we do creates an action. Every action needs to be balanced out by a reaction. Therefore, on one hand you should feel happy that your accounts are being settled, on the other hand, continue to pray for wisdom and strength to be able to face the experiences through which you are passing with a smile on your lips and the words, "Thank you, God! Thank you, God!"

Q: Revered Guruji I,most humbly, bow and offer my Greetings for 2014. May Thy Blessings keep driving me as I continue my endeavor to become better and better human being. I am 53 and stay with my mother.My wife and daughter are separated.I relinquished Bank job to pursue an independent career. While I keep myself busy with my profession and reading in the pastime,there are moments when memories of the past appear on the mental horizon and carry me with them, specially those related to my father who loved me a great lot.I cry in solitude and then slowly,things get normal.My father was a noble and soft hearted person. Guruji,how do I control the gushing flow of emotions?
A: Answer: My Very Dear Friend, don't think of your beloved father as one who is dead and gone. Our dear ones do not die and disappear. they but move from one room to another. There they wait for us until we, too, go and join them. Think of your beloved father as your dear friend who is guiding you and leading you on. If I have your address, I would like to send you a small book entitled "Life After Death" which may answer many of your questions.

Q: Please unsubscribe me from your sms list. My no is 9830155733. I have applied for DND still I'm receiving your sms. Please stop immediately else I'll have to complain to Trai which would penalize you, which I don't want to do.
A: ........." We have done the needful.

Q: Dear Dada, I am always a victim of office politics and also taken for granted and sometimes harassed due to my helping, over simple and adjusting nature. I dont usually give back answers for the fear of loosing job and also because I get a very uneasy feeling after back answering somebody and I feel that I am increasing my Karma by hurting them.I also feel that I should suffer because I have to pay my karmic debt to them as I might have hurt them in my earlier births. Due to this , I am suffering heavily in personal as well as public life and I am not given good pay hikes and promotions even when I deserve it. Please advise me what should I do in such circumstances because even though I am doing steady progress spiritually , my material progress is very slow and my wife does not like that. How can one deal and emerge successful in such situations. Please please please guide me. Kind Regards, Swarup
A: What you are doing is the right thing to do it: only do it with a smile. Your nature makes you do it the way you are doing. If you do it all with a prayer on your lips, "Thank you, God!" you will be richly blessed.

Q: Namaste Dadaji, I am very much impressed by your teachings and particularly through your stories. Is there any web page, where I can get some of your ebooks/articles/teachings etc.. If there are any, please send the same. The same can be shared with a lot no of of seekers as I am a moderator of a spiritual website Pranams, Pramodh
A: Ans.: We have our online website---- You can avail of the facility to order the books. E-books will be shortly available.

Q: Dear Dada, why do people we love and trust the most break our heart the most ? How to love unconditionally ?
A: Ans.: If anything breaks our heart, it is not unconditional. Best Regards,

Q: R
A: Where is the question?

Q: Reverrrest Guruji We bow our heads in utmost humility and seek THY Darshan for Blessings..It would fulfill our cherished ambition if the permission is granted via official channel. adhar sudha amrit barsa deejiya Shri Guruji . Aapki itni meharbanni ke mohtaj haiin hanm....
A: Ans. I am not a Guru. I seek to be a disciple.

Q: Please explain to me indepth the nine modes of bhakti worship as realized by Shabari Ma.
A: 1. The first step to devotion (Bhakti) is to keep company of the saints (satsang). 2. The second step is to enjoy listening to legends/discourses pertaining to the Lord. 3. The third is selfless service to the Guru's Lotus Feet without any pride. 4. The fourth step is to earnestly sing praises of the Lord's virtues with a heart clear of guile, deceit or hypocrisy. 5. The fifth step is chanting the Lord's name with steadfast faith as the Vedas reveal. 6. The sixth step is to practice self-control, good character, detachment from manifold activities and always follow the duties as good religious person. 7. The seventh step is to perceive the world as God Himself and regard the saints higher than the Lord. 8. The eighth step is a state (which one arrives at when one travels the first seven steps) where there is no desire left, but the gift of perfect peace and contentment with whatever one has. (In this state) one does not see fault in others, even in a dream. 9. The ninth step is the state of full faith in The Lord when the devotee becomes (child like) simple with no hypocrisy or deceit. The devotee has strong faith in The Lord with neither exaltation or depression in any life circumstance (but becomes equanimous). Best Regards,

Q: what is the aim of human life? is there rebirth after salvation? why do we seek salvation? what is motive behind this so called eternal drama?
A: Ans.: The aim of human life is to grow in perfection from more to more. After salvation the choice is given to be reborn as free souls. Because salvation opens the door to true freedom. Best Regards

Q: Reverred Gurudev, AApke charan kamlon mein kotti- kotti naman. I am 54. How do we detach ourselves from the bandhan of close relations ? Gautam Buddha let go these bandhans at the youthful age,time when the relations remain in fluid state. At my age, these bandhans have become deep- rooted. I seek Thy guidance and Blessings.
A: Answer: It is necessary for us to spend some time say half an hour, in silence everyday. Sitting in silence, let us teach our minds the lesson of impermanence. In this world everything is impermanent. You cannot be sure of anything, anybody. Everything is passing. Teach the mind that you should be attached not to the passing but to the Permanent. Permanent which for want of a better word we call God. The closer you draw to God, attachment to worldly things and forms will automatically be reduced. Best Regards

Q: Pranam dada.. dada today I am confused. What actualy is the purpose of life? Y r we born? What should v aim?
A: An important purpose of life is that we may grow in perfection from more to more. Temptations come to us and because we have a body of flesh and blood , temptations test us. Desires wake up within our heart : those desires have to be sublimated. The purpose is that we may be more perfect today the. We were yesterday and we will be more perfect tomorrow than we are today. Best Regards

Q: Pranam dada.. dada, I'm worried regarding my future n my future studies. How should I ocercome this worry ?
A: Answer: For 10 minutes everyday, go and sit in a silence corner and speak to the mind. Say to the mind: "Worrying does not help.Worrying makes the problem more confounded." Speak to the mind: "He who has created you is your Father and Mother. He will take care of you as He has done so for years together. Drop the problem at His Lotus Feet and all will be well." Regards

Q: Dada, I hav made a big mistake and I am guilty of it. I hav decided to change myself. But I hav a question dat if v make many mistakes and decide to change , are v forgived by god? Do our mistakes come ahead? in our life and make us feel guilty again
A: Ans.: The past does not bind us. If we have made some mistakes in the past, let us repent for them, learn the lessons they have come to teach, pray to God to give us the wisdom and the strength not to repeat them in future, forget them and move on ever forward, upward, Godward. Best Regards

Q: namste mai jain hu.pesticide ki dukan chalana pap hai? jain manyata ke anusar ye pap mana jata hai. ap is bat par margdarshan kare.
A: Ans: According to Jain philosophy , ahimsa (non-killing) is one of the most important principle of life. Ahimsa paro dharma, there is no religion higher than non killing. Therefore, if possible, you should engage yourself in a trade or business which does not depend on killing of any creature that breathes the breath of life. Ans: According to Jain philosophy , ahimsa (non-killing) is one of the most important principle of life. Ahimsa paro dharma, there is no religion higher than non killing. Therefore, if possible, you should engage yourself in a trade or business which does not depend on killing of any creature that breathes the breath of life. Ans: According to Jain philosophy , ahimsa (non-killing) is one of the most important principle of life. Ahimsa paro dharma, there is no religion higher than non killing. Therefore, if possible, you should engage yourself in a trade or business which does not depend on killing of any creature that breathes the breath of life. Best Regards Ans: According to Jain philosophy , ahimsa (non-killing) is one of the most important principle of life. Ahimsa paro dharma, there is no religion higher than non killing. Therefore, if possible, you should engage yourself in a trade or business which does not depend on killing of any creature that breathes the breath of life. Best Regards

Q: Dad wat shud I do to increase confidence and self esteem?
A: Ans. Confidence and self-esteem can be increased 1. By repeated prayer; 2. By serving and moving in the company of persons of confidence and self-esteem; 3. By studying the biographies of men and women of confidence and self-esteem; and 4. By rendering selfless service. Best Regards

Q: Dear Dada, When I sing Kirtan, i sing to the Divine and feel connected. I joined a Christian Choir To further my devotional practice. As my voice improves, im concerned that i will no longer be humble and it will take me away from my true purpose which is To connected to the Divine & Be With him For a Time. With deepest respect
A: Ans.: You are doing the right thing. It is only when we forget our lower self that we get the Divine. Best Regards

Q: dada continues my manager shouts,screem,stair to me I never rely ,he insult in front of others shows that I am useless staff -for 2o years in same company I never reply I tried to back fire but words are not coming from my mouth, as single e parent I have responsibility of my family and burden of guilt, anger is killing my brain and health ............dada please advice your daughter what to do
A: Ans.: ​You do well in not answering back. Treat what your manager says as cackling geese. Continue to do your very best and try to learn from what the manager tells you.

Q: Dada what is more important love or money?
A: Answer: What is important of the two is love. But what is more important than love is love coupled with money.

Q: if i am in love with a person what shoud i do?
A: Ans.: If you are in love with a person, you may kindly continue to do so, if possible, without letting him know of it.

Q: Dearest Dadaji....I live with a person who caused suffering to an innocent animal leading to his death. I am struggling with forgiving this person but I find myself at times overwhelmed with grief and anger at the loss of the physical presence of this beautiful animal. How can I heal my broken heart and transform my anger into love??? All Love, Padme A'Tea
A: Answer: Try to explain to yourself that each person has his own duties to perform. And he must perform those duties sincerely , honestly , faithfully. The Lord says in the Bhagavad Gita: "Even if your duty be an ignoble one and the duty of another be a nobler one, you must not renounce your duty and attend to the duty of another." You have done your duty . Now it is for the law of karma to take over and do its duty. You should be a detached observer.

Q: Dada what is more important love or money?
A: Answer: What is important of the two is love. But what is more important than love is love coupled with money.

Q: Revered Gurudev, What happens to the life of a grihastha, after enlightenment ?
A: Answer: After a gristha is enlightened, he becomes completely free from selfishness. He realizes that he is there to help as many as he can to move on the path that leads to enlightenment. His chief work is to show to as many as he can the Way so that they too can taste liberation, joy and happiness-- the way to be free from desire, hatred and ignorance. Rgds

Q: Revered Dada, We are Tamil brahmins settled in pune for a long time. My parents have been searching for a suitable alliance for my elder brother for a long time now. He is educated and decently employed. He has turned 33 yrs old and all the efforts seem to be unyielding which saddens my parents. They have been doing everything religiously and spiritually possible to overcome any obstacles that are hindering his marriage. But all seem to go in vain. I am deeply troubled and grieved looking at their misery. I need your valuable advice as to how i must spiritually approach this situation. I cannot tolerate my parents suffering emotionally at this age. Please advice.
A: ​ Ans.:​ Our lives have been so planned that the right thing happens to the right person at the right time. The marriage of your elder brother will take place, if at all, to the right person, at the right time. To worry over something is to waste your emotional energy for nothing. Regards

Q: i want to see janan kundli of bhagat narshi mehta. i have read god is halp if some planet in line of kundli. so i want to check kundli of narshi mehta. god help 52 times in life of narshi mehta. thanks.
A: Ans.: I think some good astrologer will be able to help you see Janam Kundli of Bhakt Narsi Mehta.​ Regards

Q: please make us understand that what is prayer why it is necessory to do and to whom we pray ?????? what we should pray???
A: Ans.:​ In simple words, prayer is speaking to a Power higher and stronger and nobler than our own. For want of a better word, we call this Power God.When in time of need we find there is no-one to help, we turn to God.This turning to God is called prayer. Regards

Q: please make us understand that what is prayer why it is necessory to do and to whom we pray ?????? what we should pray???
A: Ans.:​ In simple words, prayer is speaking to a Power higher and stronger and nobler than our own. For want of a better word, we call this Power God.When in time of need we find there is no-one to help, we turn to God. This turning to God is called prayer.

Q: About 4yrs ago there was dada'satsang on Sony TV,in New Jersey, on Guru aur Shishya, in Hindi, it came for half hr every day for about 24 days, can i find DVD set of this in either US or India, plse help me find this, i would also want this set, in book form in Hindi,this was an excellent series, thank you
A: ​Ans.: There are 23 episodes of "Guru and Shishya"-- which are relayed by Sanskar Channel and are not transferred into DVD. The same matter is in the book form in Hindi.....Ek Atoot Sambandh.......which is under print and will be available on the website in few days time from where you will be able to give order. ​ Best Regards

Q: dada should v live our life emotionaly or practically? If there was someone who is very dear to u and that person requires your time. At the same time u hav to attend an exam for which you have been studying very hard and being aware that exam will change your life completely . So what would be your decesion?
A: Ans.: Every situation has its own solution. An answer to your question will depend upon the conditions of your situations. However, in gereral, if your situation is such that it takes away all your time then you have to give all the time to your situation. Best Regards

Q: How to be content with our life
A: Ans.:​ Accept everything as though it came as a gift from God.

Q: Iam searching for the book Stop complaining; Start thanking Kindly help me in getting the book.
A: Answer: The book 'Stop Complaining: Start Thanking' is available on our online website

Q: What did Vaswani mean when he said,"a little one came to me and said"?
A: Answer: Vaswani believes that we all are little ones. In our ignorance (avidya) some of us think we are big.

A: Ans.: When the memory of a bitter experience is just waking up in your mind, immediately push it out by loudly repeating the Name of God such as Hare Ram, Hare Krishna, Om Namo Shivaya or any other name which to you is symbolic of God or Truth. You may not succeed at the first attempt but if you persist in doing it, you will find the difference.

Q: Dear dada, im giving my 12th std exam in feb015. I hav started studying too late ie befire four months of exam.I know dat i can score wel. But sometimes i have fear in my mind. I doubt myself whether i can do it. I hav scored 90% in 10th. But yet i lack confidence nw. Help me dada .. give me some inspirationalantra which i may say to myself and achieve my aim
A: Ans.: In the time that is left to you, do your study in a systematic way. Then pray to God: "Beloved Lord, I have done my best: Unto Thee I leave the rest!" Best Regards

Q: Namaste DADA.Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare,hare rama hare rama,rama rama hare hare.Dada my question is that it is told that whenever you want to progress in spitual world, you need to bow down/surrender your self to a guru.I want to know that the guru we should choose is living/it can be a guru who has left this materialistic world.
A: Ans.: It's always better to have a living Guru of the true type. Until you get​ ​one such Guru you may regard as your Guru someone​ who is not living physically and to whom you feel drawn irresistibly.

Q: Respected Dada I want to ask u,if someone says to me that he is only for me after some time he gets success but that time I hvnt,he left me.after that he totally refused me as I m a dirty thing,why I can't hate him.I always want best for that's my fault when I understand others problem and when they become happy they left me.
A: You do what it is your duty to do. Let the other person do what he will. And you will be blessed.

Q: Dada all persons around us teaches us the lesson of gita but they lives their life practical they have no emotions they think wats they doing is right another thing is wrong. man who socially bad is respect full only bcoz he has money. Is it justify?????
A: You do what it is your duty to do. Let the other person do what he will. And you will be blessed.

Q: When I will get job?
A: Answer: Trust in the Lord

Q: Respected Dada ji, my question is kya Guru humari sansarik sukho ki poorati ka sadhan hai and what if I expect from my Gurudev fullfillness of all my needs like happy life , status , well being of my family members apart of Moksha, and what if I don't chant the guru mantra , can I take it for granted that still my gurudev will provide Moksha to me.
A: Ans.: Dear Ajay Chhabra, the essential work of the Guru is to lift up the consciousness of the disciple and link it with God. He is not concerned with sansaarik sukhon ki poorti. But he so trains the disciple that he rejoices in every incident and accident that comes to him, knowing that there is a meaning of mercy in all that happens.

Q: Pujya Dada Ji Sadar Pranam , Dada ji meri Grand Mother kaafi bimar hai she is quite old , During her life time she has worshiped God selflessly , fasting on Ekadashi , Purnima , Kartik mass whole month fasting and tulsi pujan , nothing she has left to make God happy , My father is the only child she got after 18 years of her marriage . Now at this time I want to know why she is facing so much of trouble , why God is not helping her . Dada ji if this is the end result after doing so much Path puja and charities kindness for the human being I feel nothing to do . Pl guide I am quite disturbed , If God is kind why he is not giving her the comfirt at the time she needs it the most .
A: Ans.: What happens to us today is the result of what we have done in the past. God is not involved. Every thought I think, every word I utter, every deed I perform is a seed I sow in the filed of my life. The seed may lie dormant in the field for a long or a short time. One day it will sprout and grow into a tree the fruit of which may be sweet or sour or isp

Q: My husband drinks alcohol everyday. Becoming alcoholic. Does not want to see a doctor. Getting very angry . Can yu help please. Thanks
A: Ans.: The more you tell your husband to keep away from alcohol, the more obstinate he will become and the gap between the two of you will keep on growing. In such cases the best you can do is to pray for him to keep away from the dreadful drink.

Q: about a year ago u had informed me that a book, Ek Atoot Bandhan, in HINDI, was newely published, how can i get that book in US, i could not find this book on line, i would really like to get this book thank you vasanti sharma thank you
A: Answer: The final title of the books is 'Sarvottam Sambandh'. And you may purchase it from our online bookshop Please click on the link:

Q: about a year ago u had informed me that a book, Ek Atoot Bandhan, in HINDI, was newely published, how can i get that book in US, i could not find this book on line, i would really like to get this book thank you vasanti sharma thank you
A: Answer: The final title of the books is 'Sarvottam Sambandh'. And you may purchase it from our online bookshop Please click on the link:

Q: being alone is not a bad feeling sometime it helps to solve the answered questions
A: Answer: What you write is perfectly true. Being alone with the Alone is a wonderful feeling and not unoften provides solutions to many of our problems.

Q: Dadaji , me ulhasnager me Rahta hu, aapke darshan unr me krna Chatha hu , aapke darshan Hume unr me kbi hoge Please give answer as soon as possible
A: Answer: I was in Ulhasnagar on Monday (20th). I was for sometime in Smt. Chandibai Himatmal Mansukhani College and for sometime in Satnam Sakhi Mandir. I trust you gave me the blessings of your brave, beautiful heart atleast in one of those places.

Q: Dear dada i dont understand dat if there is something wrong so what should you do? Shall i raise my voice? If some1 is behaving badly what should i do? Shall i b quite saying dat god wil deal with it or i should shout means let the person know dat he is doing wrong?
A: Reply : If it is your duty to do so, Shout. The Lord says in the Gita that even if your duty be an ignoble one and the duty of another a noble one, you must not renounce your duty and attend to the duty of another.

Q: Dadaji please tell how to lead a peaceful,worryfree life? How to get rid of negativities or the vikars?
A: Ans.:​ Walk the way of surrender. Accept the Will of God. Be sure that there is a meaning of mercy in all that happens. God is all Love and all Wisdom. He is too loving to punish and too wise to make a mistake. Best Regards

Q: Dadaji I for last 6 years I have been listening to your satsangs on sanskar channel and wanted to meet you some day.Is it possible? How can I meet You? And dada my mind is always troubled with ill thoughts how to get rid of them?
A: Ans.​: At present I am on a visit to Western Countries. God Willing, shall return to Poona by the end of June. We have an ashram at Poona. You can come and stay in the ashram for not more than 3 days. Best Regards

Q: dear dada , why people are homosexual , what karma they have done to be in this misery , should they get marry to a normal girl or break their parents heart , i think both ways they are criminals ....... please show me the right path dada , he parbhu bas tum hi ho
A: Ans.: ​ ​God's ways are mysterious.​

Q: To one question, "How we can gain God or feel God?", you answered: "The Guru is the bridge that leadeth to God. When your obedience to the Guru is complete, the ego will vanish and you will easily feel God." My question is, how can one gain God or feel God if one doesn't have a Guru?
A: Ans.: ​ ​One gains God only through God's grace. Therefore continue to pray for God's grace.

A: Ans.: ​ ​I have no knowledge of these things but I am told that the manglic girl should be married to a manglic boy. Otherwise it would affect the boy.​ I have known of managalic girls living happily with their husbands for long years. If you have any fear , you can get the necessary Pujas done by a good brahmin simultaneously with the marriage. Best Regards

Q: Dear Dada, I love a boy since 6 years and even he loves me...we wish to get married however boy is a mangalik and our kundlis do not match.. We both do not believe much in kundlis however boy's family has a strong believe in kundli milan. His family is against this marriage...we are confused how to make his parents agree for this marriage? Also I am confused should we believe in kundlis? Please help me are my GOD.
A: Ans.: In such cases, a puja is done before the actual marriage takes place. ​

Q: Dada Koti koti Namaskar Dada.I am originally from Bombay but in US now My question to you is Can you suggest me how do i teach my 2.5 yr old son right values because i am too worried for him looking culture here . Dada, i have to talk to you in person ,I will be coming to Bombay in December and can come to Pune in your aashram. Dada i am tensed because he doesnt talk yet he i ssaying some words but not sentences Doctors here in US saying that we have to watch closely to him , he doesnt follow commands . Dada he is small child why God is doing with him like that , i being mother it really bothers and hurts me that i cannot help him . i know i have to leave him and surrender him to god and i should be happy with God's will, I am following that with bottom of my heart in my case but when it comes on my son, my motherhood is not accepting that i am blaming myself for everything he is facing and makes me feel bad that i am not taking good care of him and i am not good mother. Dada , muhinja pyara Dada , mukhe in pareshani mein madad karyo maa Dinya raat mujhe putra je bare mein payi socha . i know everything Dada ki i cannot stop anything from happening but Dada he is so young to face all that . Dada , Can you meet me once in person. Dada Life was not easy for me always have struggled but always thanked God that i have a good and supporting husband and never complained about struggles to god but i didnt need to.Dada i am very happy and thank GOD in whatever condition he keeps me in but Dada when it comes to mY son , i am not able to control i still say to god he is your child , I am just taking care of him but for some reason I am worried
A: Ans The very first thing you should teach them is to speak the TRUTH. Best Regards

Q: My humble namaskars to your feet.Kindly suggest one thing to obseve during chaturmaas which should be suitable to follow to get bhakti and bhava of my guru.,how to have continuous sumiran of. Guru?
A: Ans.: One way of having complete simran of the Guru is to carry a picture of the Guru and look at the Guru's eyes (in the picture) and speak to him: "Gurudeva, make me, mould me, shape me so that you may love me from more to more! Regards

Q: Dada I would like meet you with my husband is it possible
A: Ans.: Whenever Dada's health permits, he comes to the evening satsang and meets satsangi brothers and sisters, especially those that have come from outside Poona.

Q: Dear Dada, How do i find purpose of my sour for this lifetime so that I can fulfill them. Also how can i reduse/dissolve/lessen my past life karmic burden. Reply ASAP! Love & Regards!
A: Ans.:​ Through the regular practice of silence or through the help of the Guru. Best Regards

Q: Dear Dada, How do i find purpose of my sour for this lifetime so that I can fulfill them. Also how can i reduse/dissolve/lessen my past life karmic burden. Reply ASAP! Love & Regards!
A: Ans.:​ Through the regular practice of silence or through the help of the Guru. Best Regards,

Q: Respected Sir I would like to be free of all negative emotions such as resentment, anxiety, and fear of the future. I aim to link my thought processes to Consciousness. How can I achieve my aims? Padma
A: Ans.: ​By regular contact with the Guru and selfless service of the needy. Best Regards,

Q: Is there a chance of Dada Vaswaniji coming to Trivandrum?
A: ​Ans.:​ Not for the time being. Best Regards

Q: Dear Dadaji, Koti Koti Pranam! Is it possible to have your darshan in your Pune ashram? What are satsang timings? Thank you so much. Best Regards.
A: ​Ans.: ​At Poona we have a satsang everyday from 6:45 p.m. to 8 p.m. There are days when, for one reason or the other, Vaswaniji does not attend the satsang. Best Regards,

Q: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask my personal question. Im finding it difficult to be on my path to being in oneness with God. Im always falling down on my journey and find it difficult to be diciplined in my meditation and seva to my Lord Shrinathji. Ive taken the vow to serve lord Krishna and am not doing my seva at the correct time in the morning daily. I find that somtimes im so sincere in my seva and most of the times I end up doing my seva at the very late parts of the evening. Im getting nowhere on my spiritual path. Im lost and very Depressed. I do not have any friend, Guru or anyone that can understand me and am becomming very Lonely. Please Help and I want to get Better. Thanking You Rikesh Nathoo Durban South Africa.
A: ​Ans.:​ The law of meditation is: Never give up! When you fall, rise up and move onward, forward, upward, inward, Godward. Best Regards

Q: Respected Dada, I have a one question. Was watching your talks on Forgiveness.Where you said forgive the people.My question is: Why Lord Krishna did not asked the pandavas to forgive the kauravas.If Lord would have asked them to Forgive there would have been no Mahabharat Yudh. Lord Krishna could have given them much more than for what they fought. Even the Arjuna said I do not want to fight with my brothers for piece of land. That time why did not Krishna let Pandavas to forgive the Kauravas. What should we do when you trust some one been honest to them .They keep on taking undue advantage of your kindnes. Shall we keep on Forgiving without been reacting. Please answer to my confusion. A Seeker.
A: Ans.: 1) Before we do what Krishna did, let us be like Krishna. 2) Krishna did his best to avoid the war. He even went so far as to ask Duryodhana to give 5 villages to the five brothers and they would be satisfied. But in the heart of Duryodhana was war and war had to take place. * There is no limit to forgiveness. If it is your duty to punish, you must punish; else keep on forgiving. ​ Best Regards

Q: all things is right but l am not pregant and my marriage has passed 4 years i checked with doctor but no any problem came in report
A: Ans.: Feed the birds and feed ants. And repeat the Holy Name of God as often as you can. ​ Best Regards, The Automated System

Q: When Will I Get Married .
A: Ans.: When you are destined to marry. You can hasten it through prayer.​ ​You can ask ​for a quick marriage but you must not forget that far better than a quick marriage is one which is happy and harmonious. If your marriage is happy and harmonious, you will feel as though you are in heaven. If otherwise, a person feels as though he is in hell.

Q: mein dadaji se naam diksha lena chahta hoon,kyonki jab raat ko mein meditation(dhyan) mein bethta hoon tab mujhe guru mantra ki jarurat mehsus hoti hein jo mujhe dhyan ke samay andhkar mein roshni ki aur rasta dikha sake
A: Ans.: ​ ​Mein Guru Nahin Hoon. Mein aap hee ki tarah ek saadhak hoon.

Q: Why don't you preach to strengthening of current Sindh with the all religions' people to coming back in sindh from the whole world as well as India (including you)....? OR Why don't you preach for investment in Sindh by the Sindhi investors from the world.....?
A: Ans.: ​Shall follow advice if and when opportunity arises.

Q: Respected Dadaji,I had sent a query sometime back and am eagerly awaiting a reply for the same. I have lost my wife and it is now over a year or so. Though I understand that in reality there is no death I am still feeling sad and lonely and, therefore, finding it difficult to move on in life.I, therefore, wanted to know if there is any way by which I can feel her presence ( not through mediums)so that I can get over my present problem.I kindly request that the reply may be sent to my mail address, if possible. Regards and thanks.
A: Ans.:​ People who have passed on can be contacted. For this a medium becomes necessary as impersonation is become common in the land of spirits. To be sure that you have contacted the right person, some reliable person becomes necessary on the other side. Best Regards

Q: Poojniya Dadaji,How can I help my teen age son to stay focused on his studies. He is getting every distracted due to the environment around him which is affecting his grades. He does not focus on what he is doing which is why he also gets yelled at by his dad. Please advise.I would like to keep this anonymous. Thank you.Hareram
A: Ans.: ​ ​If you wish to keep your child away from distractions, you should keep him away from T.V., etc. ​as far as possible. Yelling will have no effect. If there is one thing that can bring a change in his life, it is love. Give him more and more love. Regards

Q: Dear Dada Every night I pray that I'm able to meet you. I love to pray and meditate but my mom doesn't like me to. What should I do Dadaji?
A: Ans.: You should quietly listen whatever your Mom tells you but you must do what your heart tells you to do. ​ Best Regards

A: Ans.: That is a good sign. The real treasure of a seeker on the Path is tears which he sheds (in private) in deep longing for the Lord. Each tear is a pearl of the purest ray serene. Each tear is priceless. Keep on shedding tears until the Master comes and reveals to you the glory of His beauteous Face. Best Regards'

A: Ans.: The mind disappears: His Grace abounds. Best Regards,

Q: Namaste sir,Pranams to you,your English is quite good,your knowledge and memory both are amazing ,i wish to meet you sir and take your blessings and also wish to read all your books ,hope to know more from you sir,heartiest regards.
A: Please go on below web site to know more. Best Regards

Q: anxiety destroy all the power inside a human
A: Ans.: ​ ​The cure is to cultivate faith in God who is taking the most loving care of each one of us. When anxiety comes, let God take over. ​ Best Regards'

Q: But big question is who is guru? Who can be guru? Or Just go with what told us? Think very deeply and then only answer
A: Ans.: The true Guru is one ​ ​who is connected with God all the time.​ Regards

Q: is mukti is negligiable in front of prema bhakti pl give your detailed thoughts on this
A: ​Ans.: The true Bhakta does not think of mukti. He thinks only of how close he can be to the Beloved. ​ Best Regards,

Q: kio na jane dard mera nayna to ro ro gaye to bus guru govind mughe gale laga le
A: Ans.: ​ ​The Bhakta always looks forward to the day when the Beloved will press him to his bosom. ​ Best Regards,

Q: is health is connected in rembering god
A: Ans.: The Great Ones have taught that you must seek the Kingdom of God and all these things​( health) will be added unto you. Best Regards,

Q: i wish mera man budhi va chit samporan roop se guru govind mai dubi rahe bighi rahe par poorante ho nahi pa raha kya balance kramic account is tee reason or else guide me
A: Ans. :​ It happens when the grace of God or the Guru is poured on you. Best Regards

Q: i wish mera man budhi va chit samporan roop se guru govind mai dubi rahe bighi rahe par poorante ho nahi pa raha kya balance kramic account is tee reason or else guide me
A: Ans. :​ It happens when the grace of God or the Guru is poured on you. Best Regards,

Q: plese guide me how my tears flow while remembering guru ji and govind ji
A: ​Ans.: Tears are only an expression of the interior longing, deep yearning for the Lord. When such yearning wakes up in the heart​, tears begin to flow from the eyes. Best Regards,

Q: mother tell to her daughter come to the dining table for eat.then her father tell to her today how much ans: in your examinition.but both of question only one ans:
A: ​Ans.: The common answer is: trust the Lord.​

Q: mujhe kuch health problems hai jiske sath mein service kar raha hoon , but mujhe service mein kuch juth bolne padte hei tab mein spiritual marg pe kaise chal sakata hoon?
A: Ans.: If you wish ​to live the life in the spirit, you must always speak the truth. Best Regards

Q: mere ek dost wants to clarify ki by dan jap tap vart duvao se ya anye kisi bi cheej se existing prarabdh ko nahi kata ja sakta bhojna hi parega no option is it correct marg darshan kare pl
A: Ans.: For him it is correct.

Q: Guruji I m not able to understand what is going around me . who created this time and space , what we are doing on this round planet , who I am , who created me , from where I came and where I will go , these questions teases me day and night . I don't know what Is going to happen at next moment with me , I may die also , I want to know this mystery . I cannot put this pain into words , I was having anxiety before 2 months I was feeling that I will die but I didn't and when I was recovering , these questions came to me , that why the hell I am stuck like this and than all questions started coming consequently .I have also searched for my questions and I found that some say's this is Maya and some say's this is leela but my question is why this play is going on , why??? I only know that I don't know anything about what is around me . please help me with it , thank u .
A: Ans. You should not bother about things which you do not understand. Your religion should be the religion of doing good. Keep on doing as much good as you can, to as many as you can, on as many occasions as you can, in as many ways as you can and as long as you can. Best Regards,

Q: now i am single age 58 having house in my name my mother says sold it and keep half portion with you and sale proceeds of half be kept for four sister requirements and balance spent in social work other wise will go to brother son i feel whatever in prabrabdh of any one will automatically get pl throw ligh on this
A: Ans.: You are right!

Q: I intend to meditate. but unable to concentrate. kindly advise me.
A: Ans.: If you are unable to meditate, begin with kirtan. Kirtan will develop your power of concentration and you will find it easier to meditate.

Q: still lot of dreams of various type iekoi mar ke ja rahahe ya sir dhar se alag ho gaya hai , if this is old sanskaro ka kachra hai to abhi tak bhasm kyo nahi hua hai kyo ki kha gaya hi ki guru ji ve govind ji ki charan sharan se sab naye purene saskar bhasm ho jate hai marg darshan kejey pl
A: Ans.: Ek din voh bhee aayeegaa jab bhasm ho jaayegaa. Regards

Q: Rev Dadaji, My humble namaskars to your lotus feet. I have dremt that you had blessed me keeping your hand on my head when I bow to you chanting my guru's name Sri Ramakrishna. I felt too good.Infact my ardent wish is to get your blessings in person. I wish to know how during chaturmaas observation can we increase the bhakti by sadhanas but without fasting? Thank you.& with kind Regards.
A: Ans.: What is important is that we love God, more and more. Therefore it is adviced to fast in the chaturmaas period. While you are doing your sadhna during chaturmaas, you can simultaneously love God and pray to God to love you more and more . Regards

Q: mein dadaji ki likhi books padhata hoon lekin ahmedabad (gujarat) mein kaun si address pe milegi ,please adress dijiye jo mein mere choice ke title ke books purchase karu
A: Please go on web site. you will see different books and you can purchase online. Regards

Q: Dear Dada What is the best way to control anger and have patience.
A: Ans.: Anger is part of your karma. You have brought with yourself. You can not face it alone. You need the help of a power greater than your own which for want of a better word we call God. God has two aspects: male and female. Apeal to the female (Mother) aspect of God and pray for patience to be given to you.

Q: Rev. Dadaji, My humble namaskars to your lotus feet. Can I perform puja, fast and vrata within one year's time of death of my father? As I am unmarried and I was staying with my father till his last breath, my gotra being one and not changed it is said that no prayers will be fetched if any vrata, fast or puja is done during this period. Kindly advise me.I loved my father much and only we both were living together.It is also true that 13 days kriya with all mantras by the vedokta brahmin has been done.
A: Ans.: The prayers, etc.. you have done for your father are enough. Whatever more you do will benefit you. Regards

Q: Who should I worship my guru or god.
A: Ans: Worship the Guru as though he is your God. Regards

Q: the reply which i have got for various quersities put before you with god consent-ARE MY REAL TREASURE AND REMAIN ALWAYS IN MY LIFE REGARDA

Q: Dear Dadaji, My question is, how to control negative thoughts about a person which keeps on occurring again and again. I have tried so many methods ( even thinking of that person and forgiving him/her in mind), but negative thoughts still keep on occurring . Please help me
A: Ans.: Negative thoughts will keep on troubling you until you resolve to punish yourself for every negative thought that comes to you. Also keep on praying that your mind is always full of positive thoughts. Regards

Q: With the exception of my immediate family, I feel I share nothing in common spiritually or otherwise with my relatives, and the thought of continuing to communicate and see them at holidays and other occasional times shatters my peace. I wonder what this means and what can I do?
A: Ans: There are several things which you do not wish to do and yet have to do them. This is one of them. You must do it cheerfully, with a smile on your lips. Regards

Q: Dear Dada I personally always like and love people with my whole heart and never want to hurt others individuality and like to give freedom to others to act as their own way. But sometimes the things go adversely and others start behaving reverse which becomes painful.I ask for forgiveness too, but they never listen to me.Dada they are living far so I couldn't approach to them. So,in that situation it feels like hurting the humanity which I dislike the most and becomes painful.Dada your suggestions are really great and godly. So, please Dada suggest something regarding this. Thanking you a lot Dada.
A: Ans.: I explain to myself that I can not change another: it is only God's grace that can change a person. If I want someone to change, I pray to God for that person. Best Regards

Q: Dada Ji, I am a homosexual man , my parents are behind me for marriage with a girl .... what shall i do ? please guide me dada ji , i am very tensed and depressed.
A: Dear friend Knowing the fact as you do , you must explain to your parents that it would not be right to enter into the matrimonial alliance. Dada

Q: Thank you for this blog...My question is how to achieve our goal? What is the use of leading our lives? I want just frustrated about some things..trying for job but not getting...Sometimes i feel why i took birth? I want to meditate but am not able to to achieve spirituality ?I want to experience things beyond this life...Want to go towards spirituality which i love the most...please help me dada please
A: ANS.: ​Essentially you are a spirit. The body is only a house in which you will live for a temporary period. The body will perish but you (the spirit) will live on. Therefore you must do as much spiritual sadhna as you can. If you can get the help of a spiritual elder, you will be blessed abundantly. Else pray to God to put you in contact with one such person. Keep on repeating the Holy Name of God as often as you can. The Name and the Named One are the same. ​ Best Regards

Q: Dada Charansparsh, I am very ambitious and wish to pursue my passion as my career but it is very hard conquer it, also sometime I get feeling of insecurity. Nothing is predictable here though I am happy at my personal front as my wife supports me in any venture of my life. Back of my mind I always think that would it be justifiable if I struggle for my dream and let my family also do the same or I should continue doing job which doesnt excite me but brings salary at home. guide me plz..
A: Ans.: Accept life as it comes and keep on giving gratitude to God for getting something which you have earned in earlier births. Best Regards

Q: Should one believe in the paranormal and if so how can one overcome one's fear of it?
A: If only you will believe that you are not alone that God is with you, all fear will depart. Best Regards

Q: Hello Dada, what should I do to remember things I didn't remember what I read dada please tell me & God bless you Dear Dada..
A: You will remember what you love. Though the child may be at a distance from her, she will remember him because she loves him. Best Regards

A: Pray, ask for forgiveness and continue to do as much good as you can, to as many as you can, in as many ways as you can and as long as you can. Best Regards

Q: Dear dada ji Who is your idol?
A: Ans.: You.​ Best Regards,

Q: Dear dada ji Who is your idol?
A: Ans.: You.​ Best Regards,

Q: Your books are so awesome many thanks to you, But whoever read this books will successed in their life?
A: Ans.: Everyone must do what he can, be it ever so little. The cook cooks food, the finest he can. It is for the diner to eat it. The writers write. It is for him and the reader to regulate what he has written. Best Regards

Q: Help me dear dada ji help me , help me,help me help me. I am nothing.
A: Ans.: My prayers are with you. Best Regards

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